Saturday, January 29, 2011

Increase your productivity on Windows platforms with Console

A couple of years ago, one of my colleagues showed me Console, a very useful and nice Windows console window enhancement tool. Since then I have been using it and increased my productivity when it comes to command line tasks on Windows platforms. This is an open source software available on Source Forge.

With Console, you have all your Windows consoles within a single application - you also get:
  • multiple tabs
  • text editor-like text selection
  • different background types
  • alpha and color-key transparency
  • configurable font, different window styles
As a result, you can customize each console that appear in different tabs.

In the example below, I have created a Tab called "MY-MAVEN-BASED-PROJECT" that opens at a specific windows path with a particular prompt: "PROJECT-ROOT:" to build your project.

To configure your prompt, you need to do the following:

   In the console settings tab, go to the shell field and enter:

            cmd.exe /k "prompt <your-prompt>"

and for the startup directory, just specify the directory where you want to open your customized tab.

You can select your background color and style in the background customization tab:


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