Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to update a TrustStore

When it comes to security, I often got questions from engineers related to truststore update.

Let say you have a truststore with a certain number of trusted certificates that are used for SSL authentication and you want to add or replace a certificate.

You will need a tool such as Portecle which is a java based is friendly GUI application for creating, managing and examining key stores, keys, certificates, certificate requests, certificate revocation lists and more.

Open your initial truststore with Portecle:

I then use Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) to access, view and save your additional/new trusted certificate.

In this example, I am using ICW Lifesensor Personal Health Record (PHR) application because I want to add the associated certificates to my TrustStore (the goal is to to enable secure access to PHR accounts):

Use Portecle to import this new trusted certificate in your trust store:

Your updated truststore is now ready to use!