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Health 2.0 - 2009 (San Francisco) - Day 2

8:40am - 3 Health 2.0 CEOs & a President!

Adam Bosworth, CEO, Keas

The idea with Keas was to start small trying to help a small number of people and scaling from there. Chronic diseases are life style disease. Keas tries to address these issues.

Quest Diagnostics has been a great partner. We also have good partnership with MS Health Vault and Google Health.

Lessons learned: try to be modest, get out early your product and learn from your customers!

Roy Schoenberg, CEO, American Well

Bottom line: try to make our customers (e.g. the Pentagon) happy. We seems to be at the right place at the right moment, especially now with the Health Care reforms that are taking place. American Well for patient it is convenience (immediate gratification, cost etc ...), for the physician and the payers, the solution brings efficiency, more revenue and ROI.

In Q1 2010 we will deploy our application to more PCP and specialists networks.

Christopher Schroeder, CEO, Health Central

We offer a more holistic experience than other web sites, a sense of connection and empathy. We are more focus on the consumer side of the issues.

Alexandra Drane, President, Eliza

We have 43% click through from email. We have the ability to look at the data that we store overtime and improve our system. We had to acquire a company to quickly get the social network infrastructure and experience.

9:30am - The Consumer Aggregators
27% of American go online to seek HealthCare related information and services.
  • Wayne Gattinella, WebMD - The market more mobile, more global and more personal! - Focus on continuity of care. Demo of WebMD on the iPhone. We need to demonstrate the utility of the Health 2.0 applications. Adoption is key.
  • Roni Zeiger, Google Health - New launches: (e.g. Google flu trend) - Demo of MDLiveCare.
  • David Cerino, Microsoft Health Solutions - Demo of My health Info.
11:00am - Data Drives Decisions - Panel

Tools and platforms to support decision-making by doctors
  • Rex Jakobovits, McKesson - Upload online version of medical images / Pacs systems. Demo of - more than 100K medical images. Fine grained search capabilities on images (CGI/perl based web site). Help radiologist to look at challenging cases to learn and solve related cases.
  • Lance Hill, Within3 - Customers are hospitals, Pharma, Research centers. Demo of Within3 medical social network in the context of a medical conference (running on Amazon EC2). Issues with publishing abstracts of papers shared between peers before publication.
Tools and platforms to support decision-making by patients
  • Sanjay Koyani, FDA - Pushing information to consumers and providing not only services but also a platform. - Show recalls database from FDA (4000 products) . The integrated FDA widget (e.g. on Salmonella peanut recall). Collaborates with CDC as well. More than 20,000 sites are using FDA widgets.
  • John deSouza, MedHelp - Online and mobile applications to help patients deal with specific conditions (e.g. breast cancer). Data can be shared with other patients. Mobile applications available as well.
  • Hugo Stephenson, iGuard - Offer online and paper based tools related to drugs interactions - Launch in oct 2007 - 2M US citizen registered - 25 times more registered by paper! Demographic and statistic numbers available online on these patients. Includes recalls information. Business model based on revenue from clinical trials. Hope to have 3M users in the coming months.
The impact of Health 2.0 tools and platforms on clinical research

Kristin Peck, Pfizer

Alexandra Carmichel, CureTogether
- Patient data sharing site - Lot of data on depression. Offers correlation (e.g. depressions & fibromyglia)

Jamie Heywood, PatientsLikeMe
- Very detailed statistics on patients with similar conditions. Compare data with clinical trials.

Amy DuRoss, Navigentics
- Comparison of personal and general population genetic information as well as risks factors.

12:30pm - IDEO design competition

  • Finalist winner of the IDEO competition is LabCheck Plus (Satellite Laboratory Services) - The fastest growing dialysis lab in the US. Users are Nurses, Physicians, Patient care technicians etc. The process involved ethnographic field studies, focus groups and usability testing.

1:00pm - Launch
  • Pathway Genomics - Genetic tests for $348 - Includes ancestry and health tests . Done by saliva.
  • Remedy Systems - Web based Portal & Mobile Portal - ePrescribing application at the point of care
  • AccessDNA - WebMD for genetic testing compare DNA testing providers. Offer personalized reports.
  • CarePass - Online and Mobile solution
  • - Multimedia online tool to find and understand clinical trials.
  • DNA Guide - Personal online genomic map (includes DNA Classifieds).
  • Unity Medical - ultimedia online content to help diagnosis. Technology to push content to the desktop (e.g. videos relevant to the user). ***
  • Livestrong - Help to determine how food can impact users/patients. Includes interactive graphs.
  • Healthline - Web site offering health related content
  • BiodiMojo - To help families who raise teenagers.Includes health and fitness tracking goals, journal. Send mojos by notifications and community tools related to teenagers.
  • RelateNow - To help families that have children with autism, including reducing the cost of the therapy. Offer collaboration tools for the family and the health care professionals.
2:00pm - Innovations in Health 2.0 Tools: Showcasing the Health 2.0 Accelerator

Combined demos by:

MediKeeper - PHR with a portal look and feel including a health risk management.

change:healthcare - Cost saving alerts and analysis

Kryptic - portal integration hub

Sage - EHR integration tools and platform. Supports CCR imports

MedSimple - Online questionnaires to prepare medical encounters (electronic patient history).

PharmaSURVEYOR - Medication safety survey (interaction and toxicity of individual drugs).

Polka - Mobile observation engine - manage prescriptions and observations.

ReliefInsite - Pain management system.

Keas - Launch Keas Beta - Personalized care plan. Includes todo list, history of tasks and report cards. Uses CCR . Import data from Google Health and Health Vault.

Kinnexxus & MedSimple - Kiosk dashboard for elderly and online application for care givers. 3:30pm - Health 2.0 Around the world

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